Marin County: You’re Hot, Then You’re Cold

Marin County is filled with colorful sights like the Richardson Bay Marina lined up with beautiful boats awaiting their next adventure. Then, there’s the picturesque tiny shops stuffed with antiques, handmade jewelry and the rare vintage dress that you must buy while gallivanting the beaten paths of Pt. Reyes. It’s proximity to the City while having it’s own chill charm makes it the destination for those who want the best of both worlds.

On a whim, Stephen and I decided to skip one of our favorite campgrounds (Peninsula by the Folsom Lake) in lieu of something that promised cooler weather. Sacramento was having an exceptionally scorching heat wave and the thought of the cool coastal breeze enticed our senses.

1) Drive Through The Clouds


We drove up to Marin County into Pantoll Campground. The drive up the hill felt like moving into a different dimension. Below, at near sea level, we swept through some patchy clouds but more sunny rays. As we ascended Mount Tamalpais (Mt. Tam to the locals), we drove through the clouds. It was chilly and wet through the clouds and ethereal as the heavens. But even higher, were our camp was, we got above the clouds. It was clear and crisp. Cool and a bit hot.

2) Meditate At Stinton Beach


Right smack dab in the middle of the cloud dimension was Stinton Beach. The grey and tan beach was still warm and busy with families and kids mostly with the sweetest and happiest dogs on the planet. We shared some charcuterie, wine and a meditiation. Stinton Beach is such a friendly place to the senses. The feeling of the warm air and chilly cloud on my cheeks and the sound of  laughing couples and feet running through the sand is a perfect welcoming committee to Marin.

3) Hike To The Peak of Mt. Tam


There was only one other view that left me speechless and that was the Grand Canyon.

Across from the Pantoll Campground is the entrance to the Mt. Tam peak hike. Drive up the mountain for about 15 minutes and you’ll pass by at least a half a dozen professional photographers catching a view that you will never forget.

San Francisco is known for being foggy and as you ascend Mt.Tam, you can witness white, silky, feathery clouds pouring into the bay. When you start the hike (it’s only a half a mile roundtrip!) where you’ll see San Francisco as the cereal and the clouds as milk. At the end of the hike, you’ll see north and the view of the beautiful homes and countryside of Marin County.


It’s a view I promise you’ll never forget.

4) Go to No Name Bar in Sausalito

unnamed (1)

Stephen and I popped into a local bar to play their open mic. No Name Bar is one of those no-nonsense, clean bars filled with older folk who want a dirty shot and a glass of the latest local brew.

While hanging out in the fully furnished and most instagrammable patio, I had started speaking to a group of gals and what started off as an analysis of whether or not to sit next to or across from your date turned into hours of gossiping, debates on feminism, creamery recommendations and then of course the exchange of numbers… because of course you find your kindred spirits at a bar in Sausalito.

5) Make Out In The Mist

unnamed (2)

“Is it raining?” I whined as I stirred my brain to wake up.

“No, we’re in a cloud,” Stephen whispered from outside of the tent. He had been awake for a couple hours already and he encouraged me to come outside and check it out.

Everything was dewey and wet. You couldn’t see ten feet in front of you with the wisps of water floating in the air. The trees were dripping and hitting everything with a tiniest little splashes.

When you kiss in the mist, the mixture of cool and hot hits your brain like a hot fudge on ice cream. Always always make out wherever you can, but don’t skip out on the mist kiss. It’s a bucket lister.

Have you ever been to Marin County? What are your recommendations? What about experiences in changing climates in one day?

14 thoughts on “Marin County: You’re Hot, Then You’re Cold

  1. I always love posts about being amongst nature!

    I stayed in San Francisco for three months a couple of years ago and we often travelled to Sausalito, but I had zero knowledge about Mt. Tam – it looks incredibly impressive. Seeing the clouds float about the mountains looks breath-taking. I wish I could go back! 💚


  2. Wow…that view from the hike is incredible. I’m not a hiker AT ALL, but I would do that hike in a heartbeat. I’ve never been to Marin County, but now I’ve been enticed to go. Next time I’m out on the west coast, I’ll have to see if I can swing by there.


  3. This looks amazing! I especially love the pic of the peak at Mt Tan. Thanks for sharing your trip!


  4. I have never been here before but I’d love to go! All these photos look amazing. I couldn’t make out though if my kids were around. They’d be all, “EW!”


  5. What an amazing adventure! I haven’t been to Stinson Beach & Point Reyes in a looooong time, and this is a nice reminder to head back!


  6. seems like a great place to visit! I really like anything to do with the mountains, except for driving in them! I live in a flat part of the world and that switch is a little nerving. These photos are beautiful! I hope that I can visit this gorgeous place some day!



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