Bright & Bennyful

Two glasses of mimosa and a full plate of eggs benedict later, I’m… feeling like I could actually take a little run around the Capitol. Pushkin’s Restaurant, the breakfast and lunch eatery by the husband/wife team, Olga and Danny Turner, does everything light and it comes off as a heavy hitter in the brunch competition in midtown/downtown Sacramento.


Very instagrammable. The lighting is to die for. Pretty people and prettier dishes everywhere. The outdoor patio is drunk with airy-ness and sunlight. The interior is hand-clap bustling with an open kitchen and a dining area inspired by the most-pinned pinterest search: kitchen décor.


If I were to cast a show that followed the lives of the waitstaff at a restaurant, I’d pick these folks. Young, bright and enthusiastic, the staff at Pushkin’s Restaurant deliver the best mix of hipster style and genuine smile.


Pushkin’s unique selling point is that the entire menu is gluten-free. This makes for a very light-digestive menu, even with the heavier items like fries and pork belly. Also, I want to hi-five any restaurant that carries a full vegan menu. Fist pump to the back of the house for making it all happen.

My vegan brunch date applauds the menu (which she had tried on a prior date… without me :P) and had a hard time picking between the tofu scramble and the avocado toast. Indecision with a regular brunch menu is frequent with me, but with a vegan menu? The fact that it exists deserves high hipster praise.

Now for the meat of the matter (haha). Because of the aforementioned indecision, I turned to my adorable, bespectacled server and asked, “Is there anything else on the menu better than the pork belly eggs benedict?” (Yes my friends: Pork. Belly. Eggs. Benedict. I will retire from cheffing now, it’s all been done. Shut down the patent office because nothing else will ever be discovered.)

Bespectacled server tells me that the regular eggs and benny is really good so we went with best of both worlds and got one of each.

The egg was creamy, the ham was just a bit meaty and slightly salty but with its own perfect savory flavor. The hollandaise was light but still the perfect consistency. Foodies, it’s the best eggs and benny that I’ve ever had.

But (and this is just a small but), the pork belly benny was just OK. It comes out and looks gorgeous. The slab of pork with a jiggly poached egg and bright yellow sauce… its pornish. I’m so glad my server suggested I try the regular benny because I would not have had the same experience. It was just too much meat.


I might be biased with Pushkin’s Restaurant’s magic and wonder since I’m their exact target market. I might have just too much affinity for perfect lighting and a nice large patio. Maybe I like cute servers with the best ideas a little too much. Beautiful, tasty food is just one of my things. I know.

That’s it. I have nothing else to say. #nodenouement

Pushkin’s Restaurant
1813 Capitol Ave Sacramento

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