Let’s Go to a Real Bar

I want to talk about Old Fair Oaks’ historical staple: Stockman Club. This bar would be unassuming from the outside save for the name in lights on the street. Cutie roosters and chickens dot the area, them being the natives, giving this neighborhood it’s quaint and friendly reputation. Men with lined faces and hot tattooed bitches share inside jokes anigarette outside of the neighborhood’s historical bar.

Inside, you’ll be greeted with the jukebox lazily playing Sublime, a couple of backwards hatted skaters making jokes and poorly playing pool, retired women laughing so loud that you heard them from your car outside and a bartender pouring an old fashioned while giving a good-looking couple tips on dice. It’s Thursday before 9pm, the best time to chill at the bar with a nice, cold, cheap, local beer while the game is on. Maybe I’ll shoot the breeze with another loner at the bar. They all seem pretty cool.

But later, the night owls arrive and the chill vibe of Stockman Club turns into a circle pit of laughter, loudness and libations. Sublime isn’t chosen on the juke anymore, some metal head picked a mixture of hard Johnny Cash and soft Metallica. Empty pitchers are being exchanged quickly to feed the camels in the pool room. A harem of lipsticked and short shorted besties shamelessly down a round of fuzzy navels. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see Stephen and James behind the bar. Lucky because they are moving so fast, and with so much focus, they’re Quicksilvering to keep up with the dozens of tabs laid out behind the counter.

Sit by yourself by the bar (if you can find a spot!) and an elderly gentleman might sidle up next to you and say, “Hello my name is John. I’ll be your creep for the night,” followed by peals of laughter and a friendly handshake. John just wants to say hello and gossip about everyone at the bar. Or maybe the beautiful hipster chick with the big brown hat and dark red eyeshadow will compliment you on your glasses. She’ll admit that her favorite movie is Legally Blonde and you’ve made a friend for life.

Everyone loves their own dive bar. What makes mine so special is that it can read my mind. When I want a crazy lit night, Stockman delivers the shots and the rage. If I just want a quiet wine with my bestie, we can be completely left alone in the dark corner while we whisper each other’s fantasies and wisdom. A game, a night alone or an opportunity to talk someone’s ear off, Stockman is always there for me. Let’s go sometime yeah?

Stockman Club
10219 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks

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