The Day I Realized I Morphed Into a Fancy Pants

It wasn’t until I sat down to write this review that I realized that I ordered a glass of wine and a salad at a brew pub. Luckily, my hot date is a real man and actually got a beer and sliders like any true American so we can talk shop about Old Fair Oaks’ popular mahogany den, Fair Oaks Brew Pub.


FOBP’s front door is big, dark and heavy to open, a fitting greeting to the cave-like inside that somehow feels dark yet sunny, musky yet airy and exclusive yet friendly. The typical pub-like décor of dark wooden walls, unmatching large chairs and ye chalkboard of beers has that comfortable and inviting feeling that I adore.


Expectedly, this Old Fair Oaks crew was warm and friendly. Our bartender, Casey, had met my husband on several occasions and welcomed us to join him by the bar where he gave us knowledgeable advice on the beer, wine and food. We were also so lucky to meet owners, Wei (sp?) and Gary, an attractive and approachable husband and wife team who made us feel like a new part of their Cheers-like family.


Like I said, I ordered the salad. It was a caprese and it is the best caprese I’ve ever had. The mozzarella was quality (none of this cheap, rubbery cheese that needs to be hidden with sauce and salt), the produce was fresh and the dressing was perfection: a thick balsamic glaze that was generously crisscrossed over the plate. The pulled pork sliders were a dream: melt-in-your-mouth pork with a hint of smokiness, crunchy, cold, tangy coleslaw inside a sweet bun. It was one of those close-your-eyes-and-enjoy-this-feeling kinds of good.


There’s no question why Fair Oaks Brew Pub is so dang popular. Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere comfortable and welcoming? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with the cool staff that will learn all my favorites and ask me about my life? Oh, and the food is solid. So, there’s that. Next time I want to try their pizzas and nice large cold beer. Wanna come with me?

Fair Oaks Brew Pub
7988 California Ave, Fair Oak

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