14 Thoughts I Had During My First Visit to Philz Coffee

  1. Oh, my flying monkeys. There’s actually a parking lot with open parking spaces.
  2. Where the heck am I supposed to walk here? There’s sand everywhere. There isn’t a clear way into this place – ooop, there it is.
  3. Thank you for the poster of directions on how to order. You guys do it different.
  4. There’s not really a lot of places to sit in here. It’s cool that there are power plugs at every seat though.
  5. This menu is limited. Call me commercial, but I do like a million choices on how to take my coffee.
  6. Oh, hello mustachioed rare blonde dude manicuring mint. I see, you’re my barista out of the three. I’ll take the… Mocha Tesora (the most Starbucksy drink on the menu—shut up).
  7. I’m so relieved the barista didn’t treat me like a lame-o for asking a million questions about what I’m ordering (“Is there milk in it?” GAH).
  8. I forgot my wallet.
  9. Oh, so the cool cashier just gave it to me for free. There must be some kind of awkward working girl rule here.
  10. It is way too crowded in here.
  11. It is not too hot outside on the patio!
  12. Everyone here is young, professional and savvy. This place is clean and bright, but not particularly instagrammable. I give it a 6 out of 10 on the Instagram spectrum.
  13. This coffee is good. Carmelly, light and gave me a buzz. I like how it comes in a paper cup too.
  14. I’m so glad I got to try it out on a slow day. The line out the door on the weekends doesn’t make that much sense to me… but then again, I avoid lines at all costs.

Philz Coffee
1725 R street Sacramento

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