Local Love: Bloom Mobile Boutique

You guys. I know how to give gifts now. I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve given an envelope with a pathetic gift card in the past. I promise that I could do better now that I’ve found Bloom Mobile Boutique.

I am blooming (ha!) with love for this adorable mobile store. It’s a fresh take on gift stores with small business etsy gifts, soft California T-shirts, mythical creature tea towels and delicate understated jewelry.


The thing about most gift stores is that they are designed for one to find something for someone else. This is supposed to be a great thing to make gift card givers like me some relief. The tragedy about some gift stores is that they are filled with  unattractive magnets with personalized names (if you see one with the name Olla or Stephen (with a PH!), BTdubs, please purchase and I will pay you back), silly mugs that are close but no cigar and unfortunate overpriced candles that either are overwhelmingly strong or make you question the power of your nose. If you’re like me, a person who wants to find the perfect gift, gifting is very difficult. I want my gifts to be useful and desirable to the person I’m buying for. So what do I do? I end up buying everyone I know an Amazon gift card. Boring.

Enter Jodi Pyle, professional gift giver and thoughtfulness expert.

“I’m good at giving gifts,” she says with a little blush illuminated by the bright walls of Bloom.


It shows by the way her boutique makes you feel. Pretty precious earrings, feminist mugs, California pride and handmade everything sets the stage for the most instagrammable place in the world. More importantly, it made me think of the women in my life that I love because Jodi picked out something for each and every one of them.

As if that weren’t enough, Jodi knows the story behind every company and crafter that made that gift. Everything in the store is handmade by special small businesses.

“I am a sucker for a good story,” Jodi admits after telling me about a small company that crafts accessories to raise money to adopt a child and a husband and wife team who have, “the BEST love story!”

This is where Jodi has a one-up with gifting: with her help you can tell the best story of where your present came from while your loved lady oohs and ahhs.


Pretty much, Jodi has made it easy to be a hero and get the ideal gift for a loved woman:

Something different.

Something modern.

Something useful.

Something with a story.

Something that makes them feel loved.

Bloom Mobile Boutique
Follow Jodi and the Bloom Truck to find them at various locations:

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