Local Love: Oh Sew Prettie

You can’t make Minnie ears for Princess Jasmine. That doesn’t make any sense!

Don’t let Crystal Henderson hear you say that because this crafter says, “I don’t like it when people tell me what I can’t do.”

If you can believe it, once upon a time I was a little girl that hated going to craft fairs with my mother. I had no interest in quilts or handmade soaps and candles. What was I going to do with an antique lamp? And they never made anything my size!

Crystal, crafter, maker, owner of Oh Sew Prettie and rebel of the sewing circle, felt the same way and decided to do something about it. Her crafting and sewing skills produces Disney Princess-inspired Minnie ears, fascinator hats, bright and fun beach totes and mermaid beach mats (to name a few) in an effort to reach out to children and inner children, satisfying our sophomoric hunger and wonder.

I know this is kind of a unique problem, but I am a huge fan of Minnie Ears (it’s the M.P.D.G. in me, what can I say?) but I want ears that are different from everyone else’s. You know what’s great about my unique problem? Oh Sew Prettie solves it tenfold.

My body danced as she revealed her Princess Jasmine ears to me. Sparkly gold and turquoise magnificence! I know everyone is all about that rose gold Minnie ear fever (including me) but when I saw my dream ears, Crystal had me hooked.


Let’s get one in every princess!

Find Crystal and your very own perfect set of unique ears at Project R.I.D.E.’s 2nd Annual Craft Fair Bazaar on October 14.

Oh Sew Prettie

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