Local Love: LH Duck

Why is it that can you feel the love of someone’s handmade gift?

Grannie makes us a ridiculous knit sweater and even though it’s not in our style wheel, we wear it proudly because someone made it for me. This is the feeling I have when shopping at LH Duck on etsy… except everything is in my style wheel.

Maker, crafter and artist, Lindsay Duck is the mind, heart and hands behind this sleek, sophisticated and gorgeous shop. There you’ll find handmade cards with talking cupcakes, breathtaking geometric planters, hand-painted mathematical bamboo jewelry and T-shirts that speak to my soul. Everything has an air of simplicity AND so much thoughtfulness.

“I love bringing light into other people’s days,” Lindsay admits with a shy smile.

Lindsay started crafting as a child with her mother and sister. She continued that interest as an adult when she got her Spacial Art degree at San Jose State. Currently (other than running her own beautiful etsy shop) she’s a chalk artist for Whole Foods and graphic designer for City of Roseville.

LH Duck shares that eclectic and varied background:

“It’s a little bit of everything… woodworking, screen printing, sewing, drawing…” Lindsay says of her store. Her style has “Clean and geometric art with exact details without being overwhelming.”

With so much going on with myself, I mused with Lindsay that I’m in a similar situation with several different jobs and activities. My answer to the question, “What do you do?” is filled with a long explanation of writing, media, catering… it doesn’t sound good or-

“But that’s what makes life so exciting!” Lindsay cut in and that’s when I felt the gift she has to the universe:

Lindsay is sharing her amazing, crafty, artistic and varied life in her art.

Visit Lindsay and let her brighten your day with her handmade perfections at the next Auburn Co-Op Street Fair on Thursday September 21st 5pm-9pm in Downtown Auburn at Lincoln Way.

LH Duck

Photos by Lindsay Duck.

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