Local Love: The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique

It is very rare that I meet a person who lives their most authentic life. Dory Kramer, owner of The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique is one of those people.

“I love shopping,” she said with an excited whisper. “I live and breathe clothing and accessories.”

Dory worked for the state of California for over 25 years, all the while shopping for pretty things. Eventually she opened up her own eBay store while she was working, raising children and eventually grandchildren. Her eye for quality vintage and new clothing and accessories refined and when she retired, she was able to devote her time to what she was meant to do: shop for other people.

She opened her brick and mortar in the middle of Old Sacramento. This is when I first met the friendly, generous Dory who had a knack for finding the perfect dress for anyone and a penchant for the perfect accessory. In Old Sacramento, Dory grew her client base who all happened to be from all around the world. If you’ve ever met Dory, you’d know that you not only found the lady who could find you the perfect outfit for a special occasion, but also a friend for life. So, with all these friends for life that live all around the world, Dory decided to open up an eCommerce store, which you will find here.

At ClothingHang-upBoutique.net, you’ll find Dory’s exclusive, hand-picked collection of dresses, accessories, bags, and shoes. From a slinky, sexy slip for a curvy lady to a California-cool tye dye racer back or a Betsy Johnson cross body purse with my name on it (seriously, don’t touch it. I want it for myself!) to a sleek pair of vintage Michael Kors sandals, you’ll find the perfect statement piece to wow anyone that passes your fancy fashionista.

I’m seriously so excited about Dory’s new eCommerce shop for two reasons: She just opened it! So don’t let the next girl grab that Betsy Johnson bag, make it yours now. The other is since I’ll be moving, I’m going to be one of Dory’s many clients all around the world that won’t be able to see her in person for her guidance in fashion. So, seeing her love and passion via the internet is truly a special deal for me.

All photos by Dory Kramer.

The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique


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