That’s Why They Call It A GOOD Bye

I have a hard time throwing my own party. The planning, setting up etc. is fine. The part about inviting people and hoping they come is painful to me. “Please come to my party and celebrate me!” I expected maybe 5 people coming to fill La Cosecha’s patio to be there for about 15 minutes.

But of course that didn’t happen.

It was like an episode of “This Is Your Life” with friends, family and even you readers that I’ve never met came! I was overwhelmed and humbled. Stephen was (as always) the perfect co-host to our event. While I nervously ensured everyone was happy and comfortable, Stephen confidently had long meaningful talks with everyone that had touched our lives.

There were too many margaritas and tears but not enough conversations and time. We danced, we reminisced, we well-wished. I was happy to see the future of everyone’s lives too. Happy to the new relationships, homes, children, pets, jobs, and more to you guys.

This last night was like every time we had hung out. Kate and Courtney’s hilarious “gayle talk.” Greg’s calm and seasoned advice. Ryan’s affable and boyish jokes. Aw! John being a sweetie pie. My loyal and super supportive old friends, Stephanie and Kristi. Steph, Megan, Aston and Eric bringing it up with the next generation. Wine buddies promising to take me to Apple Hill once and for all. My brunch gals! Amy and Renee… eggs on a Saturday will never be as funny. Beautiful young couples Geoff & Srna, Brian and Tiff making life awesome together. Brandi and her fashion sense, giving me something to work towards. Sherry starting me off (as always) getting me my first (of many drinks). Being on the same level as Jenna (like we do)! SNR people and our inside jokes. Our families telling us it really isn’t goodbye… I can’t anymore guys. I’m crying.

We love you guys. Thank you.


Olla and Stephen

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