Cause I’m Free

I am currently in a hotel room bed with a bit of time to do a lil’ update.

This world all around me needs a big deep breath. Between the mass shooting in Vegas and the death of Tom Petty, I feel like I don’t have room to really have my mini freak outs based on travel anxiety. I want to be in Sacramento, around my loved ones, lighting a candle and holding hands around a Vegas vigil. I want cheese and olives in Fremont Park with girlfriends while we strum our ukuleles to “American Girl.” Tragedy has a way of reeling me back in.

My world right now is enjoying a new city every day and getting closer and closer to my new home. We left Sacramento on Sunday and we’ll be in San Diego tomorrow. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

  • Being dirty in Big Sur and enjoying the river in our backyard.
  • Pub crawling in Pismo Beach.
  • Slow crawling late night on Mulholland Drive to take in the most magical stars in the sky and under the horizon.
  • Meeting up with Stephen’s old NJ buddy and hearing Stephen’s Jersey accent come out so strong (too sexy!).
  • Riding our bikes up and down the Sunset Strip and passing by Gareth Reynolds and yelling, “Yo Gary!”
  • Creeping into the Viper Room and getting micro crushes on the metal brand that played. You can’t take the scenster out of a girl, I tell you.
  • Playing Simon with the hugemongous bathtub at the London West Hollywood so it would pour a beautiful Lush bath.
  • Early morning chit chats on the patio with the noise of Hollywood traffic symphony.
  • Finding the best thrift stores in Beverly Hills and buying a brand new wardrobe.
  • Being able to use the words “copy that” and “ten four” while walkie-talkieing with Stephen.
  • Chilling out with the muckity mucks in a swanky Long Beach steakhouse.
  • Looking into my husband’s eyes and feeling adventure like I’ve never felt before.

I’m about to go to a farmers market and then ride my bike to the beach. NBD. We’ll be home tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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