Far Away…

I KNOW. I haven’t written a post in a minute. My apartment’s wifi is not working very well and I have to do all my internetting at this cute ‘lil cafe down the street called Konito’s. I’m here now and I’ve done a bit of work and I’ve had too much coffee so… why not update y’all right? Right.

It’s just I don’t know where to start. I guess from the beginning?

I exited the freeway and I had driving anxiety. Stephen and I had been caravaning and he was up ahead. The “Welcome to Pacific Beach” sign welcomed me and I let out a big breathy sigh. My phone rang.

“Woooo! We’re here!”

It was Stephen and he was just as excited to just get to the apartment already. It was early afternoon on a Saturday and the streets were fairly busy with bikers and drivers. I opened my window and let the moist salty air invade my lungs. My tears welled up but only really because I was so relieved that we got to San Diego in one piece.

We got to our studio apartment only to find out that we were too early! Our place wasn’t ready yet. We got on our bikes and explored. My legs were still wobbly from finally being on solid ground and my body was sticky with sweat from the long travel. I was wearing old yoga pants and my orange crocs. I envisioned my first day of exploring my new city and I thought I’d be wearing a sweet summer dress and my hair in beach curls. Oh well.


PB Beachfest

We drove our bikes onto Garnet to get to the beach. Garnet was packed by happy hour time. Everyone was out on this fine Saturday night. It was a temperate 77 degrees. Girls were long boarding in their bikinis and dudes were jogging with their doggies. We shared our first cocktail and toasted to change and love and home.

Then we got to the beach. It was packed. Vendors and street performers and a big band and surfers and everything! We happened to land on Pacific Beach while they were having their biggest party of the year. Stephen and I dipped our toes in the sand and held hands.

It was sunset and it was loud everywhere but I didn’t hear anything except the waves hitting the beach and the sound of my husband’s breath.

Pacific Beach Do’s & Don’ts:


DO BRING YOUR BIKE! This is muy muy importante! This area is more bike-friendly than it is car-friendly. In fact, bring all your physical transportation: skateboard, roller-skates, Rollerblade, razor-blades… etc. This is the place to do it.


DO jump in the ocean with all your clothes on. Do it Brenden Fraser in Blast From the Past style and be fascinated, ecstatic, wild… pee your pants because it’s the goddamn Pacific Ocean!

DO listen to all the songs about the beach or Southern California while laying out on the beach. Call it basic, call it trite but there will never be a time when you will truly understand what they were saying. Suggestions: California by Phantom Planet, California Girls by the Beachboys, California Love by 2Pac, Welcome to Paradise by Green Day, California Paradise by the Runaways.


DO spend at least one night on Garnet street. It’s the place man. Stephen and I checked out the local open mic at PB Cantina, shared a huge sub at Fat Sal’s, shopped at all the vintage boutiques (ooooh… that’s it’s own post y’all) and then skinny dipped in the ocean at one in the morning.

DO make the beach your gym. All my runs have been the most phenomenal I’ve ever had.


DON’T be a jealous asshole. There are hot hot surfer dudes. There are sexy girls in bikinis. They are beautiful and happy and everywhere. If you’re with your significant other and you catch them eyeing someone, you’re not allowed to get mad. If you just turn around, there’s something for you to look at too.


DON’T put so much pressure on having to be at the beach everyday. I did this and I missed the beach yesterday and I might today. The whole point of being by the beach is to see it but come on, you do have shit to do too.

DON’T be taco’ed out by the time you get here. I’ve been in San Diego for five days and I haven’t had a taco because all I ate on the road trip here was tacos. I’m waiting for the craving.

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