THIS is Growing Up

Eek. It’s been awhile again. And sorry folks. I don’t have a fun, nifty blog post with tips or places to go in San Diego! I’ve been laser-focused on getting a job in the past two weeks that I haven’t been thinking about blog posting. It’s terrible. I know.

Moving away like this has taught me a whole lot. Back in Sacramento, I had so many comforts that I never imagined how valuable they were once they were gone:

A buddy. ANY buddy. I do have family and a couple of friends out here. Have I seen them yet? NO. Like I said, I’ve been busy. Right now, I’m a spontaneous friend. I don’t really know when I have time to chill out until right when it happens. In Sacramento, it was so easy to text someone to see if they were just down the street. Here, I don’t have that luxury.  I do have Stephen, and we have tons of fun. But I can’t depend on him all the time.

My favorite local haunts. I have one place that I truly love to be: PB Cantina. I’ve made a couple single serving friends there. Stephen plays the open mic. They have happy hour late at night. Also, giant margaritas. But that’s really it. I have to start over with the places I frequent. Plus, we’re living in a week-to-week spot right now. What if we move!?

Local Coffee. Dudes. DUDES. DUUUUDES. There are so very few local coffee spots here. In Sac, there’s like what? Five? Insight and Temple and Naked Coffeee… I am not finding the late-night coffee places here. I’ve been to Starbucks almost everyday. I’m there right this second.

Mom. Oh man. Do I miss having my mother around. Yes, she’s just a phone call away, but the space between us is so palpable nowadays. We’ve had a few set-backs. Nothing huge. That’s when I really feel the need for my mama. It’s when I’m asking myself: What would she do? What would she want me to do? I guess, in a sense, she is right here with me.

But, all in all, I’d say we’re doing great. I’m surprised how I’ve been missing Sacramento. I thought I’d be lonely or sad. I’m more nostalgic and I get random cravings for someone’s jokes or an occasional Bowl of Soul from Naked Coffee but I’ve had some minor victories that keep me going:

Stephen. Gosh, what a trooper. He’s put up with my anxiety and frustration and my growing pains. He’s kept me laughing and centered. He’s been encouraging and thoughtful. I can go on and on… but thank the Universe for my husband.

Excitement Weight. I’ve lost weight because I’m too excited to eat. That’s a good thing right? Well, for now I’m banking on it because I’ve been struggling with my weight for almost two years and it’s nice to see it turn around finally. It’s kinda weird though. I had a plate of fried chicken, potatoes and creamed spinach in front of me last night. I’m still wondering why I couldn’t finish it.

It’s beautiful out here. The beach and the sunsets and the sunrises and the pier and the people and the dogs and the palm trees and the bay and the views and the ocean and the everything. I’m in love with this place.

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