THIS is Growing Up

Eek. It’s been awhile again. And sorry folks. I don’t have a fun, nifty blog post with tips or places to go in San Diego! I’ve been laser-focused on getting a job in the past two weeks that I haven’t been thinking about blog posting. It’s terrible. I know.

Moving away like this has taught me a whole lot. Back in Sacramento, I had so many comforts that I never imagined how valuable they were once they were gone:

A buddy. ANY buddy. I do have family and a couple of friends out here. Have I seen them yet? NO. Like I said, I’ve been busy. Right now, I’m a spontaneous friend. I don’t really know when I have time to chill out until right when it happens. In Sacramento, it was so easy to text someone to see if they were just down the street. Here, I don’t have that luxury.  I do have Stephen, and we have tons of fun. But I can’t depend on him all the time.

My favorite local haunts. I have one place that I truly love to be: PB Cantina. I’ve made a couple single serving friends there. Stephen plays the open mic. They have happy hour late at night. Also, giant margaritas. But that’s really it. I have to start over with the places I frequent. Plus, we’re living in a week-to-week spot right now. What if we move!?

Local Coffee. Dudes. DUDES. DUUUUDES. There are so very few local coffee spots here. In Sac, there’s like what? Five? Insight and Temple and Naked Coffeee… I am not finding the late-night coffee places here. I’ve been to Starbucks almost everyday. I’m there right this second.

Mom. Oh man. Do I miss having my mother around. Yes, she’s just a phone call away, but the space between us is so palpable nowadays. We’ve had a few set-backs. Nothing huge. That’s when I really feel the need for my mama. It’s when I’m asking myself: What would she do? What would she want me to do? I guess, in a sense, she is right here with me.

But, all in all, I’d say we’re doing great. I’m surprised how I’ve been missing Sacramento. I thought I’d be lonely or sad. I’m more nostalgic and I get random cravings for someone’s jokes or an occasional Bowl of Soul from Naked Coffee but I’ve had some minor victories that keep me going:

Stephen. Gosh, what a trooper. He’s put up with my anxiety and frustration and my growing pains. He’s kept me laughing and centered. He’s been encouraging and thoughtful. I can go on and on… but thank the Universe for my husband.

Excitement Weight. I’ve lost weight because I’m too excited to eat. That’s a good thing right? Well, for now I’m banking on it because I’ve been struggling with my weight for almost two years and it’s nice to see it turn around finally. It’s kinda weird though. I had a plate of fried chicken, potatoes and creamed spinach in front of me last night. I’m still wondering why I couldn’t finish it.

It’s beautiful out here. The beach and the sunsets and the sunrises and the pier and the people and the dogs and the palm trees and the bay and the views and the ocean and the everything. I’m in love with this place.

Far Away…

I KNOW. I haven’t written a post in a minute. My apartment’s wifi is not working very well and I have to do all my internetting at this cute ‘lil cafe down the street called Konito’s. I’m here now and I’ve done a bit of work and I’ve had too much coffee so… why not update y’all right? Right.

It’s just I don’t know where to start. I guess from the beginning?

I exited the freeway and I had driving anxiety. Stephen and I had been caravaning and he was up ahead. The “Welcome to Pacific Beach” sign welcomed me and I let out a big breathy sigh. My phone rang.

“Woooo! We’re here!”

It was Stephen and he was just as excited to just get to the apartment already. It was early afternoon on a Saturday and the streets were fairly busy with bikers and drivers. I opened my window and let the moist salty air invade my lungs. My tears welled up but only really because I was so relieved that we got to San Diego in one piece.

We got to our studio apartment only to find out that we were too early! Our place wasn’t ready yet. We got on our bikes and explored. My legs were still wobbly from finally being on solid ground and my body was sticky with sweat from the long travel. I was wearing old yoga pants and my orange crocs. I envisioned my first day of exploring my new city and I thought I’d be wearing a sweet summer dress and my hair in beach curls. Oh well.


PB Beachfest

We drove our bikes onto Garnet to get to the beach. Garnet was packed by happy hour time. Everyone was out on this fine Saturday night. It was a temperate 77 degrees. Girls were long boarding in their bikinis and dudes were jogging with their doggies. We shared our first cocktail and toasted to change and love and home.

Then we got to the beach. It was packed. Vendors and street performers and a big band and surfers and everything! We happened to land on Pacific Beach while they were having their biggest party of the year. Stephen and I dipped our toes in the sand and held hands.

It was sunset and it was loud everywhere but I didn’t hear anything except the waves hitting the beach and the sound of my husband’s breath.

Pacific Beach Do’s & Don’ts:


DO BRING YOUR BIKE! This is muy muy importante! This area is more bike-friendly than it is car-friendly. In fact, bring all your physical transportation: skateboard, roller-skates, Rollerblade, razor-blades… etc. This is the place to do it.


DO jump in the ocean with all your clothes on. Do it Brenden Fraser in Blast From the Past style and be fascinated, ecstatic, wild… pee your pants because it’s the goddamn Pacific Ocean!

DO listen to all the songs about the beach or Southern California while laying out on the beach. Call it basic, call it trite but there will never be a time when you will truly understand what they were saying. Suggestions: California by Phantom Planet, California Girls by the Beachboys, California Love by 2Pac, Welcome to Paradise by Green Day, California Paradise by the Runaways.


DO spend at least one night on Garnet street. It’s the place man. Stephen and I checked out the local open mic at PB Cantina, shared a huge sub at Fat Sal’s, shopped at all the vintage boutiques (ooooh… that’s it’s own post y’all) and then skinny dipped in the ocean at one in the morning.

DO make the beach your gym. All my runs have been the most phenomenal I’ve ever had.


DON’T be a jealous asshole. There are hot hot surfer dudes. There are sexy girls in bikinis. They are beautiful and happy and everywhere. If you’re with your significant other and you catch them eyeing someone, you’re not allowed to get mad. If you just turn around, there’s something for you to look at too.


DON’T put so much pressure on having to be at the beach everyday. I did this and I missed the beach yesterday and I might today. The whole point of being by the beach is to see it but come on, you do have shit to do too.

DON’T be taco’ed out by the time you get here. I’ve been in San Diego for five days and I haven’t had a taco because all I ate on the road trip here was tacos. I’m waiting for the craving.

Cause I’m Free

I am currently in a hotel room bed with a bit of time to do a lil’ update.

This world all around me needs a big deep breath. Between the mass shooting in Vegas and the death of Tom Petty, I feel like I don’t have room to really have my mini freak outs based on travel anxiety. I want to be in Sacramento, around my loved ones, lighting a candle and holding hands around a Vegas vigil. I want cheese and olives in Fremont Park with girlfriends while we strum our ukuleles to “American Girl.” Tragedy has a way of reeling me back in.

My world right now is enjoying a new city every day and getting closer and closer to my new home. We left Sacramento on Sunday and we’ll be in San Diego tomorrow. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

  • Being dirty in Big Sur and enjoying the river in our backyard.
  • Pub crawling in Pismo Beach.
  • Slow crawling late night on Mulholland Drive to take in the most magical stars in the sky and under the horizon.
  • Meeting up with Stephen’s old NJ buddy and hearing Stephen’s Jersey accent come out so strong (too sexy!).
  • Riding our bikes up and down the Sunset Strip and passing by Gareth Reynolds and yelling, “Yo Gary!”
  • Creeping into the Viper Room and getting micro crushes on the metal brand that played. You can’t take the scenster out of a girl, I tell you.
  • Playing Simon with the hugemongous bathtub at the London West Hollywood so it would pour a beautiful Lush bath.
  • Early morning chit chats on the patio with the noise of Hollywood traffic symphony.
  • Finding the best thrift stores in Beverly Hills and buying a brand new wardrobe.
  • Being able to use the words “copy that” and “ten four” while walkie-talkieing with Stephen.
  • Chilling out with the muckity mucks in a swanky Long Beach steakhouse.
  • Looking into my husband’s eyes and feeling adventure like I’ve never felt before.

I’m about to go to a farmers market and then ride my bike to the beach. NBD. We’ll be home tomorrow. I can’t wait.

That’s Why They Call It A GOOD Bye

I have a hard time throwing my own party. The planning, setting up etc. is fine. The part about inviting people and hoping they come is painful to me. “Please come to my party and celebrate me!” I expected maybe 5 people coming to fill La Cosecha’s patio to be there for about 15 minutes.

But of course that didn’t happen.

It was like an episode of “This Is Your Life” with friends, family and even you readers that I’ve never met came! I was overwhelmed and humbled. Stephen was (as always) the perfect co-host to our event. While I nervously ensured everyone was happy and comfortable, Stephen confidently had long meaningful talks with everyone that had touched our lives.

There were too many margaritas and tears but not enough conversations and time. We danced, we reminisced, we well-wished. I was happy to see the future of everyone’s lives too. Happy to the new relationships, homes, children, pets, jobs, and more to you guys.

This last night was like every time we had hung out. Kate and Courtney’s hilarious “gayle talk.” Greg’s calm and seasoned advice. Ryan’s affable and boyish jokes. Aw! John being a sweetie pie. My loyal and super supportive old friends, Stephanie and Kristi. Steph, Megan, Aston and Eric bringing it up with the next generation. Wine buddies promising to take me to Apple Hill once and for all. My brunch gals! Amy and Renee… eggs on a Saturday will never be as funny. Beautiful young couples Geoff & Srna, Brian and Tiff making life awesome together. Brandi and her fashion sense, giving me something to work towards. Sherry starting me off (as always) getting me my first (of many drinks). Being on the same level as Jenna (like we do)! SNR people and our inside jokes. Our families telling us it really isn’t goodbye… I can’t anymore guys. I’m crying.

We love you guys. Thank you.


Olla and Stephen

Local Love: The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique

It is very rare that I meet a person who lives their most authentic life. Dory Kramer, owner of The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique is one of those people.

“I love shopping,” she said with an excited whisper. “I live and breathe clothing and accessories.”

Dory worked for the state of California for over 25 years, all the while shopping for pretty things. Eventually she opened up her own eBay store while she was working, raising children and eventually grandchildren. Her eye for quality vintage and new clothing and accessories refined and when she retired, she was able to devote her time to what she was meant to do: shop for other people.

She opened her brick and mortar in the middle of Old Sacramento. This is when I first met the friendly, generous Dory who had a knack for finding the perfect dress for anyone and a penchant for the perfect accessory. In Old Sacramento, Dory grew her client base who all happened to be from all around the world. If you’ve ever met Dory, you’d know that you not only found the lady who could find you the perfect outfit for a special occasion, but also a friend for life. So, with all these friends for life that live all around the world, Dory decided to open up an eCommerce store, which you will find here.

At, you’ll find Dory’s exclusive, hand-picked collection of dresses, accessories, bags, and shoes. From a slinky, sexy slip for a curvy lady to a California-cool tye dye racer back or a Betsy Johnson cross body purse with my name on it (seriously, don’t touch it. I want it for myself!) to a sleek pair of vintage Michael Kors sandals, you’ll find the perfect statement piece to wow anyone that passes your fancy fashionista.

I’m seriously so excited about Dory’s new eCommerce shop for two reasons: She just opened it! So don’t let the next girl grab that Betsy Johnson bag, make it yours now. The other is since I’ll be moving, I’m going to be one of Dory’s many clients all around the world that won’t be able to see her in person for her guidance in fashion. So, seeing her love and passion via the internet is truly a special deal for me.

All photos by Dory Kramer.

The Clothing Hang-Up Boutique


Just Pack Up And Go

“We’re moving to San Diego!” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

“That’s great,” my buddy smiled and hugged me and Stephen. Then after a short breath he asks, “Why are you guys going there? What do you have lined up there?”

“Nothing,” I grinned and shrugged, “We’re just packing up and going.”

The look on people’s face when I reveal that we don’t have jobs lined up or a permanent place to stay is something I’m getting used to.


Why Now?

We’re in a bit of a rut. Not a depressing, aching or angry rut. It’s more a low-key, cranky rut. In this amazing article by Elizabeth McKenzie, she describes a rut as:

“How you are living right now is not in alignment with your true self. It’s not authentic to you. And being someone else is exhausting and unsustainable.”

This really stuck with me. It was exactly how I felt and I wanted us to get out of it.

Stephen and I had been waffling over what our next step would be for a few months. We were ready to make a physical move but when opportunities in Sacramento presented themselves, neither of us had much enthusiasm to make the jump. It wouldn’t change the feeling of the ill-fitting suit that was our every day life.

We both wanted a big change, but what would it be?

Why San Diego?

On our honeymoon, we flew down to San Diego and took a three week drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. (Beautiful and perfect. I recommend a long road trip for everyone’s honeymoon.) The temperate breeze of Southern California swept our skin and both reminded us of fond memories of the past. I had spent my summers as a child in San Diego. Stephen took a trip a handful of years ago and almost made the move himself. He even had a job all lined up but decided to stay in Sacramento in the end.

San Diego was on our top three places to move for both of us. There were other cities that called our names and some were very close to capturing us for good.

There was the beautiful cottage in Napa that we looked at, but I wanted something more cosmopolitan. There was the prospect of staying at a beach-front home in Florida, but it was a bit too far. There was a plan to take a road trip through Mexico, but then after the trip, we’d be right where we started. There was that high-profile executive job at Hearst Media in San Francisco that I turned down. My trips to SF reminded me that… I don’t like San Francisco (don’t hate me). Everything seemed like a fine choice but none gave us the soaring feeling of perfection when considered.

It was a long talk with a couple of my oldest and best friends ever, the Lascolas, that gave us that one big push.


“Don’t think. What do you want to do?”

I had been interviewing Jessica and Mike Lascola for MLGE (posting that amazing story soon). After the interview, we got to catching up and I told them that Stephen and I had money saved up for something new, but hadn’t made a decision to do it. I was scared of a big move.

They both asked me what I wanted to do.

“I want to move to San Diego.”

“Then do it,” they said, almost in unison. Mike pointed out that we didn’t have kids, we could just find jobs when we got there… we owed it to ourselves to take the risk.

“You’ll regret it if you don’t do it,” Jessica said in her quiet, matter-of-fact voice that spoke volumes.

Who was I to argue with over 20 years of relationship ups, downs and wisdom?

I left their loving house and immediately called Stephen on the long, dark road. My heart was racing and my face was tingly with anxiety.

“Hey darling,” I was close to tears now, “You know how we keep talking about our next move and the different things we want to do? Well… out of all the things we’ve talked about…”

“What?” Great. Bad connection. This was supposed to be romantic.

“Don’t think. What do you want to do?”

“I want to go to San Diego.”

“Then let’s do it. That’s exactly what I want too. Let’s be in a car with all our stuff to San Diego on October 1.”

There wasn’t silence or a pause. There was a sigh of relief and then a laugh.

“Okay baby. ”

I met Stephen back at home and we embraced and cried and laughed. It was as if that cloud of rut was already melting away.


Short Term Plans

We have a ghetto-fabulous temporary studio in Pacific Beach three blocks away from the ocean. We have a storage unit getting filled up with things to be taken south once we find the perfect place that I could fill with succulents, Dia de los Muertos art and sand. We have two cars that are being filled to the brim with essentials (like ukuleles, the perfect cooking pan and a million songs that Stephen wrote). We have phone and Skype job interviews already scheduled.

We have bets on who will be a better surfer. It’s me. I’m built like a boulder. You can’t knock me down. Try it.

We have each other and the knowledge that we can make it anywhere. We fell in love in an apartment that had it’s power shut off and furniture stolen. We talked all night on the dirty carpet with sleeping bags, candle lights and the feeling of home in each other’s arms.

“We found found love in a hopeless place.” -Queen Rhianna

Because of that, we know we can do anything with a smile.

We Want To Party With You

Say goodbye to us at La Cosecha on Thursday September 28 from 6pm-8pm. We’ll have a limited host bar and snacks. Stephen will be playing music and I will be crying all night. Everyone is invited and everyone must come.

Launch Party Giveaway!

Hey hey! It’s my first contest yay!

Most Loved Girl Ever’s Launch Party is almost here and I want the whole world to come and say hello. So, if you all help me promote it, you can get this cache of cuteness.

Prize Stash:

  • Hand painted bamboo earrings by LH Duck
  • Shimmery red tank from The Clothing Hang Up Boutique
  • Jasmine Inspired Minnie Ears by Oh Sew Prettie
  • Blood of My Enemies Wine Glass by Simply Sweet Creations
  • Be Brave curio by Thread & Thistle Design via Bloom Mobile Boutique
  • Gift Certificate for a blowout at The Colour Bar

You must be on Facebook to participate. Details can be found here.

Contest ends Tuesday September 19 at noon. I will choose a winner at random and message you by noon Wednesday September 20. I will send the prize to you via mail.

Thank you so much to my very special sponsors for helping me put this together.

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you at the Launch Party.

Local Love: LH Duck

Why is it that can you feel the love of someone’s handmade gift?

Grannie makes us a ridiculous knit sweater and even though it’s not in our style wheel, we wear it proudly because someone made it for me. This is the feeling I have when shopping at LH Duck on etsy… except everything is in my style wheel.

Maker, crafter and artist, Lindsay Duck is the mind, heart and hands behind this sleek, sophisticated and gorgeous shop. There you’ll find handmade cards with talking cupcakes, breathtaking geometric planters, hand-painted mathematical bamboo jewelry and T-shirts that speak to my soul. Everything has an air of simplicity AND so much thoughtfulness.

“I love bringing light into other people’s days,” Lindsay admits with a shy smile.

Lindsay started crafting as a child with her mother and sister. She continued that interest as an adult when she got her Spacial Art degree at San Jose State. Currently (other than running her own beautiful etsy shop) she’s a chalk artist for Whole Foods and graphic designer for City of Roseville.

LH Duck shares that eclectic and varied background:

“It’s a little bit of everything… woodworking, screen printing, sewing, drawing…” Lindsay says of her store. Her style has “Clean and geometric art with exact details without being overwhelming.”

With so much going on with myself, I mused with Lindsay that I’m in a similar situation with several different jobs and activities. My answer to the question, “What do you do?” is filled with a long explanation of writing, media, catering… it doesn’t sound good or-

“But that’s what makes life so exciting!” Lindsay cut in and that’s when I felt the gift she has to the universe:

Lindsay is sharing her amazing, crafty, artistic and varied life in her art.

Visit Lindsay and let her brighten your day with her handmade perfections at the next Auburn Co-Op Street Fair on Thursday September 21st 5pm-9pm in Downtown Auburn at Lincoln Way.

LH Duck

Photos by Lindsay Duck.

Beaten not Broken: The Four Times I Didn’t Meet You

I was physically and mentally abused in a dead-end relationship for over 10 years. Throughout that decade, I thought I was completely alone, trapped and isolated by someone who claimed to love me. I eventually got out of the relationship and found the most amazing person in the whole world who changed my life. I’m telling the story of this in a series called “Beaten Not Broken.” This is part two: “The Four Times I Didn’t Meet You” or “How I Met Your Stephen.”

Our First Dance


Karen Oh was wailing in my ears and my feet were shuffling into Old Ironsides. My hair was teased to the ceiling and I had my favorite hounds-tooth blazer covered with as many local bands that I could fit on the collar. I was young and already half drunk from the Mickey I downed in the parking lot. I was worried about my weight and whether or not my last Myspace post was clever enough.  What can I say? It was the early aughts.

I was also dating this dude named Nick, who kind of annoyed me but he at least liked to go dancing. We saw our friends in the dark bar, a cache of atypical typicals: the one that loved his horn rims and comic books, the celebrity fashion blogger, the big-deal DJ and the pretty and quiet one with big plans to move to New York (she did eventually). Nick was the metal head and I was… I suppose I was the one who liked to make dresses.

After the round of hugs and hellos and after getting a Captain and diet we sat down and shouted over the Rolling Stones thump-thump-thumping in the foreground. We’d make a big deal out of our small plans and just-fine jobs or brag about how we saw this fun little band play at the Press Club… what was their name? The White Stripes… that’s right (I’m not joking. That really happened.) Or maybe we’d plan a float down the river, which we would gather to do the next day but end up just jumping around the sprinkler and drinking too much Bud Light Limes.

It was a really great time in my life when I could make just a bit of money to get by, hang out with the It hipster crowd of Sacramento, date some dude that I don’t really care about and be validated by it all because I occasionally sold a dress on eBay.

In between joking around with random Gothic chicks in the bathroom and another round of stomping on the tiny, crowded dance floor, I sat at the bar trying to get another captain and diet. While I was waiting for that drink, Stephen sat next to me.

Tall, blonde and new to Sacramento, he spoke with a mix of Jersey and Texas in his low voice, ordering a shot and a beer. But he didn’t speak to me and I didn’t speak to him that night or any other night we both were at Lipstick at the same time.

It wasn’t the way we would meet.

Thanks, Bartender.



When I lived on 18th and N street in Midtown Sacramento, I did something that most people don’t understand. I took my abusive boyfriend Nick back into my life.

I want to try to explain myself but it will sound like every other victim’s story: He said he would change and he seemed to be changing already. He was terrible because I made him that way so I have to make some changes too. I hadn’t really made a lot of headway into getting closer with my family or lost friends so I was still pretty lonely. They don’t sound like much when it comes to reasons. There was also the fact that he wouldn’t stop calling me or showing up wherever I was… I couldn’t really get rid of him. It’s OK. You can call me stupid for getting back together with him. I call myself stupid too.

One night Nick and I were fighting and I had to leave the apartment. I wanted to get a drink and sit at a bar or something. To avoid familiar faces at the divey Zebra Club, I walked into the bright, shiny, new bar: Capitol Dime.

I thought I would be walking into a room full of sexy girls and sperm-filled dudes talking about the hookup they have with bottle service at the Mix and how impressive their personal trainer was (or something… I don’t know). But it was a dead town. Just one dude sitting at the end of the bar and the bartender.

I sat at the other end with my head down and frowning. I was wearing an old pair of black jeans that faded to a comfy grey and a sweatshirt with a printed wolf howling at the moon. My eyes were likely streaked from crying. I hunched over and had my hood pulled on my head. I was really good at body-languaging my way into avoidance.

The bartender flipped a coaster in front of me and said hello and asked how it was going.

“Been better,” I said not looking up. “A shot of Captain and a Captain and diet. Thanks.”

He quickly made my drinks and tapped on the counter when I tipped him well for leaving me alone.

Stephen, the bartender, went back to dusting the bottles and joking around with they other dude at the bar. I finished my drinks and went back to my apartment.

They Have Food There?


It was still our first year of marriage and everything was bliss. I know I won’t forget our first year because it was a year of many firsts: My first real home outside of my parents house. My first midnight kiss in the middle of Lake Tahoe. My first catering gig. My first time going to (fill in x amazing city in California). Stephen was showing me the life I never had and the life I was going to have and it was perfect. Honeymoon phase was killing it.

We were running errands (So. Much. Fun.) and we drove past a local dive, Simons. Feeling nostalgic, I told Stephen that I miss my crazy times at Simons. His face turned to me and said he used to hang out there a lot too.

“Do you remember when it was?”

Of course, it took me a bit to figure out. It’s common for people in long-term bad relationships to not know what happened in what year.

“It was the year I was single. I lived alone in my apartment and didn’t like the nights so I went to Simons because my girlfriend, Brianna, liked going. I’d meet her there and get a drink. We’d go to the patio and smoke cigarettes and flirt with back of house staff from whatever restaurant they were from,” I told him.

“I’ve been in that patio with those same guys maybe a hundred times and we didn’t speak to each other once.”

“It wasn’t the right time for us,” I mused, “Have you ever had the food there?”

“They have food there?”

I Like to Play


“I am going to learn how to play guitar and play a show this year,” I told my BFF Priscilla. I was feeling pretty bold. I had broken up with Nick (I’d be back with him within a year, so don’t get too excited) and I had my own apartment. I was on fire baby!

Priscilla is the type of friend I wish I could be. Supportive to death, smart, tells it to you straight and somehow still coddling. She was excited for me and offered to make my logo when I’m ready. Priscilla is the most decorated graphic designer in Sacramento. Most Loved Girl Ever logo? Priscilla made.

So I signed up for classes with Ross Hammond who liked to talk about good TV and bad wrestling fights so I was in pretty good hands. I learned the basics quickly and was itching to just perform. So I wrote a couple of silly songs and took my show on the road.

The “road” was Old Ironsides’ open mic. There are about a dozen open mics around town, but this is the most legit. Old regulars like the Martys and young up and comers go to Old Ironsides to hone their craft. I went to make sure I could actually play in front of an audience. Not everyone was amazing but it was amazing to be around people who loved music and were confident enough to share with others.

One time, I was playing with my strings in the corner of the room when I heard a rich, soulful voice singing. His low vibrato gave me goosebumps. It was a Dave Matthews song. I’m not a huge fan of Dave Matthews but the way the singer played it… it had depth and it made me understand what the song was about. He made me feel what Dave Matthews wanted me to feel. When I looked up at the singer, I was confused. I was expecting to see an older black man but what I saw was a handsome, young, blonde cutie pie with an easy smile. He had some dimples too. Cut deep ones. He was dimpling hard. When he was done, I applauded and planned on talking to him. I wanted to tell him how he made me feel what the song really meant. I wanted to say that he did a wonderful job and I hoped to see him next week. I wanted to smile at him and maybe he’d smile back.

But I didn’t talk to Stephen that night. I just performed my piece and went home.


Stephen and I did eventually meet and of course that story has it’s own exact coincidences that make it a miracle.

Knowing that Stephen and I could have started our relationship four times before it actually happened is proof that the universe was trying to make it happen for us. All those years when I thought my life was horrible or my current relationship was a prison or I am so dang lonely I could die… the stars aligned four different times to connect me with my future forever partner.

So, when your dreams have been broken and you’ve lost hope, the universe still believes in you and will present you with solace. Keep your eyes and heart open to the world that wants you to succeed.

Local Love: Oh Sew Prettie

You can’t make Minnie ears for Princess Jasmine. That doesn’t make any sense!

Don’t let Crystal Henderson hear you say that because this crafter says, “I don’t like it when people tell me what I can’t do.”

If you can believe it, once upon a time I was a little girl that hated going to craft fairs with my mother. I had no interest in quilts or handmade soaps and candles. What was I going to do with an antique lamp? And they never made anything my size!

Crystal, crafter, maker, owner of Oh Sew Prettie and rebel of the sewing circle, felt the same way and decided to do something about it. Her crafting and sewing skills produces Disney Princess-inspired Minnie ears, fascinator hats, bright and fun beach totes and mermaid beach mats (to name a few) in an effort to reach out to children and inner children, satisfying our sophomoric hunger and wonder.

I know this is kind of a unique problem, but I am a huge fan of Minnie Ears (it’s the M.P.D.G. in me, what can I say?) but I want ears that are different from everyone else’s. You know what’s great about my unique problem? Oh Sew Prettie solves it tenfold.

My body danced as she revealed her Princess Jasmine ears to me. Sparkly gold and turquoise magnificence! I know everyone is all about that rose gold Minnie ear fever (including me) but when I saw my dream ears, Crystal had me hooked.


Let’s get one in every princess!

Find Crystal and your very own perfect set of unique ears at Project R.I.D.E.’s 2nd Annual Craft Fair Bazaar on October 14.

Oh Sew Prettie